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Inspire Change Through Innovation
Changing seasons or passing years, a new addition to the family or a promotion, regardless of what has recently changed in your life choosing to redesign your dwelling - its portion or entirety is one way to celebrate and put some bounce in your daily activities.
One of the well known secrets to leading a successful lifestyle is keeping oneself well organized in order to maximize the amount of free time available for our families and relaxation.  Knowing this when deciding on which area of your home to renovate first will bring you to a common conclusion on which two spaces impact you the most: the kitchen and bathroom.
The Kitchen – Fast Food Or Fine Dining?
The kitchen can be a space of great comfort and familial bliss or a place we quickly rush in and out of. Regardless whether you live alone or not, the common question of “...where did you/I put the/my...” can be a regular occurrence trying the patience of the most placid of people.
To prevent frustration and increase the enjoyment of one kitchen, it is important to take advantage of the entire space available, organizing each gadget, pot and pan. A functional pantry and a well stocked fridge is a sure way to entice a family to eat at home instead of ordering out.
Keeping in mind with your daily tasks and needs is a good way to begin deciding on how to renovate this space into a fine dining experience.
The Bathroom – Your Personal Spa
Early morning, or late into the evening, a well equipped bathroom can be your personal spa, invigorating you for a long day of arduous tasks, or helping to wash away the tension after a long, gruelling day.
If you enjoy visiting a spa on a regular basis why not invest into creating your own little piece of Nirvana in your own home.
Marcon Kitchen and Bath To The Rescue
Marcon is your one stop solution to remodelling your kitchen and bathroom housing a splendid showroom of high quality, state of the art kitchen and bathroom appliances and products.  Their friendly expert staff will endeavour to assist your renovation projects in an efficient and professional manner, getting you results and a project that is sure to thrill you and meet their rigorous standards.
If you would like to begin your journey into the world of kitchen or bathroom design visit us at our main website  or call 416-239-8111 to book a consultation. Alternately drop by our showroom to browse the wide range of high quality products we offer.
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